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The English Church in Bagni di Lucca

At the beginning of the 19th Century Bagni di Lucca became a popular holiday destination for large numbers of English people who would come for the summer season.  Shelley, Byron and the Barrett Brownings stayed in the spa town in the 1800s.

The front door of the English church

It was decided to build an Anglican church for the new arrivals.   In 1839 Carlo Lodovico, Duke of Lucca, granted permission to build the “Palace of the English Nation” as it was called.  The work was entrusted to Guisepe Pardini, who made the building in the Anglicised neo Gothic Style.  There is also an English graveyard nearby with elegant tombs.

The building is now put to good use as a library.

the back of this lovely old building


the building is in need of repair


  1. Hi Debra, nice pictures.
    Did you have yesterday Palm Sunday and processions in Bagni di Luca?
    I remember my childhood in Beirut; Palm Sunday was a day we look forward too the entire year. Just to wear the beautiful pink dress and shoes, and hold the candle:) I imagine Italians can be so good at it!
    Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures!
    you should be here in DC this time of the year for Cherry Blossom.
    Have a wonderful week Debra.

  2. There was no parade in the village, but I have seen them in Italy. I am in Bellagio for a few days. Unfortunatley it is raining, which makes it hard to get good photos. It is very lovely here despite the rain.

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